“Fianna Eireann veterans re-enact the Howth gunrunning”

“Fianna Eireann veterans re-enact the Howth gunrunning on 30th July 1961”

By Eamon Murphy

Members of Sluagh Muiri (Irish Naval Reserve) are onboard the original ‘Asgard’, which was used in 1914. They are unloading some of the original ‘Howth’ rifles. Surviving members of Na Fianna Eireann, who took part in the original gunrunning, are standing by the harbour wall receiving the historic rifles.

On 26th July 1914, 900 Mauser M1871 single shot rifles, which became known as the ‘Howth Mauser’, and 29,000 rounds of ammunition were landed by the Irish Volunteers and Na Fianna Eireann.

The ‘Asgard’ had been purchased by the Irish Government in 1961 and refurbished; it was subsequently used for sail training until it was moved to Kilmainham Gaol in 1974. It is now on permanent display in Collins Barracks Museum after another period of restoration.


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