Na Fianna Eireann Memorial, St Stephen’s Green

Na Fianna Eireann Memorial, St Stephen's Green

“Na Fianna Eireann Memorial St Stephen’s Green”

In August 1966 a memorial to Fianna Eireann was unveiled in St. Stephen’s Green by former Fianna QMG and Commandant of the Dublin Brigade Garry Holohan.

In a rousing speech Garry Holohan’s son, the Rev. Fr. Colman Holohan O.F.M, spoke about how:

“The Fianna stood in the gap until the Irish Volunteers had been armed; hosts of Irish Boys – nameless and unknown – stood firm for Ireland in her hour of need.

It was not enough for the founders and organisers of Fianna Eireann to set before the boys of Ireland ideals and examples. They put methods of training into their hands, which made it possible for the boys to proceed actively towards the targets put before them.

Today when national leaders set ideals before our youth not only must they put practical means at their disposal to attain economic prosperity, but they must make available to them all the means of developing in themselves a truer participation in our cultural inheritance.

For generations, Irish people believed that it would be sufficient to get political and administrative freedom, but that was not sufficient, as we now know.

We must also take the humbug out of the written reasons for not restoring the Irish language and take measures to achieve a real target.”

The impressive limestone and granite memorial bears the inscription:

‘To honour all those who served with Fianna Eireann 1909-1916, and through the War of Independence’

garry unveiling memorial

Commandant J. O’Brien, representing An Taoiseach, Mrs Tom McCarthy, Brigadier Garry Holohan and his son Rev. Fr. Colman O Huallachain, OFM.

A parade consisting of former members of Fianna Eireann, the IRA and Cumann na mBan marched to the event. Notable attendees at the ceremony were Alderman Eugene Timmons, Lord Mayor of Dublin; Frank Sherwin, National Association of Old Fianna; Mrs. L. O’Connell, President of Cumann na mBan; Eugene Kelly, Fianna Memorial Committee; Liam Cosgrave, Leader of Fine Gael; An Taoiseach was represented by his A.D.C, Commandant J. O’Brien. Former Fianna Chief of Staff Eamon Martin was unable to attend, and a letter of apology was read out.

Fianna veterans from Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Nenagh, Waterford, Belfast, Dundalk and Dun Laoghaire were also in attendance.


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