Fianna Eireann ‘Ard Fheis’ 1913

Fianna Eireann 'Ard Fheis' 1913

Fianna Eireann ‘Ard Fheis’ (Annual Convention/Congress), July 13th 1913, Mansion House, Dublin.

Some notable personalities in this photograph:

2nd row 4th from left Michael Lonergan, then Eamon Martin.

Liam Mellows seated to the Countess’ righthandside. On the Countess’ left side is Padraig O’Riain, then Con Colbert, then Nora Connolly.

Row behind, 2nd from right, standing Garry Holohan with arms folded.

Bulmer Hobson standing behind and in between where Eamon Martin and Liam Mellows are seated.

Paddy Holohan is back of photo far right with Percy Reynolds next to him.

Representatives from the female ‘Sluagh Betsy Gray’ from Belfast, including Nora Connolly (front next to Colbert), are also featured in this photograph.


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