John Pidgeon, 2nd Lieutenant ‘A’ Company, South Dublin Fianna Battalion.


One of the victims of the Bachelor’s Walk massacre in 1914 was Sylvester Pidgeon. He died on September 24th from wounds he received on July 26th. He was a printer by trade and operated a business on Merchant’s Quay in Dublin. He was a nationalist, a fluent Irish speaker and most likely a member of the Gaelic League.

He was married with five children however two daughters, Eileen and Elizabeth had died before him, one of those sadly died two days earlier on 22nd September; the other a year before. His three surviving children were John, Mary and Sylvester Jr.

John went on to join the Fianna after 1916 and became 2nd Lieutenant of ‘A’ Company of the South Dublin Fianna Battalion from 1918 -1920 (at that stage there were North and South Dublin battalions). Following the re-organization of the Fianna Battalion in late 1920/early 1921 into five Battalion areas, John was transferred to the Irish Volunteers/IRA.

Here is a letter from John to Eamon Martin applying for a Fianna medal and Certificate.


One response to “John Pidgeon, 2nd Lieutenant ‘A’ Company, South Dublin Fianna Battalion.

  • Gerard Kinsella

    My grandfather Thomas Whelan was a member of A Coy 2nd Battalion who mentions drilling in Skippers Alley when it was raided by police and Liam Murphy was arrested…would you have any further information on this episode?


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