‘The Irish National Boy Scouts – A School For Rebels’ – The Unionist Association of Ireland

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Anti Home Rule propaganda poster/pamphlet by the Unionist Association of Ireland (1914) denouncing Redmond and his failure to reign in the unruly Irish National Boy Scouts, otherwise known as Na Fianna Eireann, which it describes as an “Irish nursery of sedition and disloyalty….”. They ask “why does he not make the Irish National Boy Scouts loyal?” It warns that the rise, and anti-English activities, of this rebellious youth group is a sign of things to come if Home Rule becomes a reality. It claims that the Home Rule sought by Redmond and his supporters is openly sneered at by the leaders of the Boy Scouts (Fianna). The Fianna do not see, they say, why “Ireland should allow England to govern her, either through Englishmen as at present, or through Irishmen under an appearance of self-government”.

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