Fianna Eireann and the Irish Volunteers Split, 1914

Irish Volunteers Statement September 1914 Part 1Irish Volunteers Statement September 1914 Part 2Images courtesy of UCD Archives. Click on images to see larger version.

Statement released on September 24th 1914 by the Irish Volunteers in response to John Redmond’s speech, four days earlier, in which he called for Volunteers to enlist in the British Army and support the war effort.

This statement, and Redmond’s earlier speech, led to the split in the Volunteer movement. It was signed by members of the original “Provisional Committee” which included five senior members of Na Fianna Eireann; Bulmer Hobson, Eamon Martin, Padraig O’Riain, Con Colbert and Liam Mellows.

“The signatories of the document wrote with the confidence that they fully understood the founding principles of their movement. They were resolute in their belief that Redmond had deviated from the core values of the organisation and thus had lost any right to control a force that had been handed over to him only in the interests of unity and with the cautious assent of its founders earlier in the summer of 1914.” – Dr. Conor Mulvagh, UCD.

A background to this significant statement can be read in an article and analysis by Dr Conor Mulvagh at the following link

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