Fianna Training Camp, Portmarnock, 1918

Fianna training camp

Fianna Training Camp, Portmarnock 1918.

From left to right: Anthony Madden, William Carroll, Joseph Patrick Jordan and William Curry, all members of the Dublin North 2nd Fianna Battalion.

Three of these; Madden, Curry and Carroll transferred to ‘C’ Company, 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade in 1920.

Sean Prendergast, a senior officer in ‘C’ Company, himself a former Fianna officer, having left to join the Volunteers back in 1914, said of these new recruits that “due to their training in the Fianna their services were particularly useful………these boys were ever ready, day or night, to perform any work requiring their attention or assistance.”

Joseph Patrick Jordan stayed on in the Fianna and was, according to his O/C in the 2nd Battalion, and former Fianna Director of Organisation and Education Liam Langley “engaged on special intelligence work for the Fianna.”

In 1919 Jordan was appointed as a Dail Courier and served under Austin Stack until he was arrested ‘under arms’ at a Fianna training camp at Finglas. Jordan was charged before a military court and sentenced to 15 years penal servitude. He was released in January 1922.

Thanks to Joseph Jordan’s granddaughter Angela White O’Brien for sending in this great photo!!

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