Fianna Eireann and the British Navy Recruiting Banner at the GPO, 1918


“In 1918, the British authorities erected a large scroll or banner of bunting across the top of the columns of the G.P.O. on which was painted an appeal for recruits for ‘His Britannic Majesty’s Navy’. This was too much for us, so we organised a party of the Fianna. There were about twenty of us, including Liam Langley, Hugo MacNeill and Theo Fitzgerald. We met with bicycles at George‘s Pocket. We had a supply of twine with lead, weights attached, and several sods of turf soaked in paraffin oil. We cycled into O’Connell Street at about half-past eleven, held up the policeman on duty at the point of a revolver, threw the lead weights over the banner, hauled up the burning sods of turf and the whole thing was in ashes in a few minutes. It was never replaced.” – Garry Holohan, Na Fianna Eireann Dublin Brigade O/C

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