The Constitution of Na Fianna Eireann

Fianna Constitution 1913 Part 1 Fianna Constitution 1913 Part 2 Fianna Constitution 1913 Part 3 Fianna Constitution 1913 Part 4 Fianna Constitution 1913 Part 5 Fianna Constitution 1913 Part 6

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The Fianna constitution was created and drawn up in 1909 and became endorsed at the first Ard Fheis in 1910. The amended version, shown here, was ratified by the 1913 Ard Fheis, which was held at the Mansion House in Dublin. Former member Eamon Martin pointed out that the evident “militant character of the Fianna was indicated by the first three clauses of the Constitution”.

The ‘Object’ was to re-establish the Independence of Ireland. The ‘Means’ was the training of the youth of Ireland, mentally and physically, and to achieve this object by teaching scouting and military exercises, Irish History, and the Irish language and the ‘Declaration’ was to promise to work for the independence of Ireland, never to join England’s armed forces and to obey superior officers.

The constitution defined the structure of the organization from the president right down to the workings of local sluaighte or branches. It included details on the annual conventions; central council; district councils; and the courts martial procedure together with the appeals process.

It is interesting that this amended version does not include details of the uniforms or official flag which was always included in earlier years.

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