The funeral of Constance Georgine Markievicz


“Large numbers of people marched in the funeral procession of Madame Markievicz, T.D., from the Rotunda to Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, yesterday afternoon. Several thousands lined the route which took the procession through a large part of the city.

The funeral moved off from the Rotunda at about one o’clock. An advanced guard of Fianna Eireann boys, dressed in green uniforms, led the way. They were followed by the brass band of the Irish National Foresters and a detachment of the Citizen Army. Members of the 1916 Club came next. They carried a floral cross, with the inscription “In Loving Memory of our Old Comrade”. Following were the Fintan Lalor Pipers’ Band, another contingent of Fianna Eireann and Clergy.The hearse bearing the coffin came immediately afterwards. The Tricolour was wrapped around the coffin, on which was placed a wreath from Count Markievicz and family. Count Markievicz and his son, Count Stasco Markievicz, were in the first mourning coach. Sir Josslyn and Lady Gore-Booth, and Count Plunkett, were also in coaches.

The wreaths which were numerous, were carried in eight motor tenders, draped in crepe. Mr. de Valera, Dr. Kathleen Lynn, Mr. Art O’Connor, and Mr. Sean T. O’Kelly headed the Fianna Fail and Republican deputies, who followed the remains on foot. Then came the Bray Pipers’ Band, Old Fianna Eireann boys, St. James Brass Band, Dublin Volunteers, Eamon Ceannt Pipers’ Band, and another party of Volunteers. A large number of members of the Workers Union of Ireland marched. They carried a red banner which carried an inscription in Russian. This emblem was said to have been presented to the Irish workers by the workers of Moscow.

A big contingent of girls and women represented the Cumann na mBan, the Clan na nGaedheal and the Women’s Defence League. Madame Gonne McBride and Mrs. Despard were at the head of the last-named body. The Sinn Fein organisation was represented by several delegates, including Mrs. Mary McSwiney and Mrs. J.J. O’Kelly. The Dublin Pipers’ Band also took part in the procession”

The Irish Times, July 18th 1927.


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