Fianna Eireann ‘Ard Fheis’ 1919


Fianna Eireann ‘Ard Fheis’ (Annual Convention/Congress), 1919 Mansion House.

Sitting behind the flag at the front, (L-R) Garry Holohan, QMQ (with arms folded), Eamon Martin, Chief of Staff, Barney Mellows, Adjutant General and Paddy Holohan. Others of note in the photograph are Liam Langley, Joe Reynolds, Seamus Pounch, Frank McMahon, Joe McKelvey, Sean Saunders, Paddy Dunne, Kevin McNamee, Liam Murphy, Eamon Nicholson, Jimmy O’Connor and Bob Conlon.


2 responses

  1. Eamon I haven’t seen that photo before. Is Paddy Holahan two to the left of Garry with arms folded?


    1. Paddy, Joe McKelvey is with arms folded third on Garry’s right. Two to the right looking at the photo (or 2nd on Garry’s left is Barney Mellows). I think that could be Paddy next to Barney.


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