Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) Movement of Extremists 29 May 1915 – 20 April 1916


Irish Archives of Ireland Release:

Chief Secretary’s Office, Crime Branch: Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) Movement of Extremists 29 May 1915 – 20 April 1916.

This new weekly series is comprised of daily reports produced by the Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP), Detective Department on the movements and associations of pro-independence suspects. The reports were compiled by Superintendent Owen Brien and submitted to the Under Secretary for Ireland, Sir Matthew Nathan, at Dublin Castle. The reports describe Republican activity in Dublin during the 11 months preceding the Easter Rising.

In this report from June 2nd 1915, it mentions Fianna Eireann Chief and Irish Volunteer Executive member Padraic O’Riain (Patrick Ryan) speaking at an anti-recruitment meeting at Beresford Place, Dublin.

It records visits to the shop of Thomas J Clarke, 75 Parnell Street, by JJ Farrelly, Major John McBride, William O’Leary Curtis, Thomas Byrne, Frank Fahy, Seán T Ó Ceallaigh and Professor Thomas MacDonagh.

It also records the attendance of Bulmer Hobson (also of the Fianna), Jeremiah Joseph O’Connell, Padraic O’Riain and Michael O’Hanrahan in the office of the Irish Volunteers, 2 Dawson Street, Dublin.

A fantastic resource!!

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