Fianna Eireann Golden Jubilee Medal

551261_10151989693715739_2023912233_nThe Fianna Eireann Golden Jubilee Medal was issued by the Fianna Veterans Association to holders of the Fianna Certificate of Service. The medal was launched in 1960 to mark the recent Golden Jubilee of the organisation.

The following report appeared in the Irish Press on May 6th 1960:

“The heroic part played by Fianna Eireann in the War of Independence will be recalled in Clery’s restaurant in Dublin on Monday Night (May 9th), when Golden Jubilee medals will be presented to Fianna veterans.The only people entitled to receive a medal are those holding registered certificates of service. About 1000 people hold these certificates and 300 medals will be presented at Monday night’s function.

Founded in 1909 by Constance Markievicz and Bulmer Hobson, the Fianna were the first uniformed and trained Irish military body since Grattan’s Volunteers.Having preceded the Irish Volunteers by some years, they supplied that body with drillmasters and officers. Two Fianna officers, Con Colbert and Sean Heuston, were executed in 1916. The first blow struck in the Rising was by the Fianna, at the Magazine Fort.

At a press conference in Dublin last night, which was attended by Mr. Eamon Martin, former Chief of Staff of the Fianna, Mr. Jimmy O’Connor, secretary of the Jubilee committee, Mr. Harry Walpole, Chairman of the committee, and Mr. Cathal O’Shannon, one of the leaders of the Fianna in Belfast, details of the function were given and the medals were put on display.”

Eamon receiving medal 1960

The subsequent presentation and unveiling event at Clery’s Restaurant was a resounding success.

Mr. Harry Walpole, Fianna veteran and Chairman of the committee, presented Fianna Chief Eamon Martin with a specially commissioned gold replica of the Jubilee medal in honour of his services and commitment to both Ireland and the Fianna.

Following the special presentation, Mr Martin himself then presented over 300 members of Fianna Eireann with Golden Jubilee medals.

The attendance included representatives of the Old Fianna from Armagh, Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Derry, Louth, Limerick, Tipperary, Mayo and many other areas.

Former pupils of Patrick Pearse’s St Enda’s School, which was closely associated with the Fianna and its IRB circle, were also present. They included Frank Burke, Fintan Murphy, Desmond Ryan, Seosamh O Buachalla, Fred Doherty and Major General Joseph Sweeney.


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  • Maria Cagney

    Hello Eamon,

    I wonder if you might be able to help me please. I am trying to develop a case study on Cathal O Shannon for an 1916 touring exhibition I am working on, to be launched next year in Ballymena Co. Antrim, just a few miles from Randalstown, where O’ Shannon was born. Kilmainham Gaol are loaning me some material pertaining to when O Shannon was interned in Reading Gaol in July 1916. I wonder if it might be possible for you to drop me an email please as there are a few images on this website I am interested in and it would be very useful to touch base with you.

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