Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) Movement of Extremists: July 26th 1915

Bachelor's WalkBachelor’s Walk Dublin

“A report is given of the demonstration held to mark the first anniversary of the Howth gun running [and Bachelor’s Walk Massacre]. Around 150 Sinn Féin Boy Scouts [Fianna Eireann] under the command of Countess Markievicz, Patrick Ryan and Herbert ‘Barney’ Mellows marched from Camden Street to Bachelor’s Walk where a wreath was erected on a pole.” – National Archives of Ireland

The report stated that:

About 150 Sinn Fein Boy Scouts assembled at 34 Lr. Camden street yesterday at 12.40pm and subsequently in charge of the Countess Markievicz, P. Ryan and Herbert Mellows marched via Sth. Gt. Georges St., Grattan Bridge, along Ormonde Quay to Bachelor’s Walk. Two of the Scouts in advance fixed a wreath to an electric pole at the corner of Liffey Street but beyond this there was no further demonstration, and no attempt was made during the day to lay down the Memorial Tablet.


The full report can be read here courtesy of The National Archives of Ireland: http://www.nationalarchives.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/CSO_JD_2_44.pdf

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