Sean Healy Plaque

sean h

Sean Healy Plaque, Doyle’s Corner, Phibsborough, Dublin 7
John (or Sean) Healy, 15 years old, was a member of the Fianna Eireann North Frederick Street Sluagh. He joined in 1913. When the Fianna was restructured in 1915, his branch became No. 6 Company in the Fianna Battalion. Sean Heuston, who was also vice-Commandant of the whole Dublin Battalion, was also his Company commander.
He was involved in the transportation of arms across Dublin on Easter Saturday and when the Rising began on Easter Monday he had not yet received mobilization orders. By the Tuesday he made his way towards Jacobs. Commandant MacDonagh gave him a dispatch to deliver to an officer at Phibsboro Bridge, knowing he lived nearby and in the hope that he would then go home. Healy did venture home briefly to inform his mother that he was all right but as he made his way back to Commandant MacDonagh he was shot in the head at Phibsboro corner.
His last words were reportedly “God Bless the Volunteers”. (Cumann na mBan booklet on ‘The Fianna Heroes of 1916’ published in 1931). While it has been reported in many books that he died instantly, according to the Sisters of Mercy, Healy was brought to the Mater hospital where his “brain was hanging out all over his forehead, he only died two days later”. (Community of the Sisters of Mercy, BMH WS 463).
Image by Michael Pegum at Irish War Memorials
Text by Eamon Murphy


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