Rare Fianna Eireann Wallet

Fianna Wallet Eamon Murphy

An extremely rare Fianna Eireann wallet from the Eamon Martin Collection. The detail on this is really beautiful. The reverse of the wallet features Patrick Pearse above a phoenix rising out of a depiction of the GPO in flames.

It is not known when this was made, whether it was made during the 1909-1923 period or if it was  a later commemorative piece. I would guess it was from later but can’t be sure. It was also suggested it might have been made by prisoners during the War of Independence. There were similar craft items made by prisoners at this time. It is also not known if this was a one off piece or if several of these were produced. It certainly looks unique. I would welcome comments and opinions on this one.

Image courtesy of Eamon Murphy.

2 responses to “Rare Fianna Eireann Wallet

  • oglach

    That’s quite a find; my knowledge on the subject is limited; but I do it’s an object worth reproducing, if only for the sake of longevity. Thanks for the photo and sharing your knowledge.


  • Ultan Courtney

    Our family has a wallet from which was made for my father in Kilmainham Goal in 1921. It is similar in many ways to the Fianna Eireann wallet in size colouring and the stitching along the sides. My fathers wallet has his initials MJC and looks much older and worn and I can share pictures with you by contacting me by email.


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