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Officers of 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade Fianna Eireann, 1919


The 2nd Battalion officers in 1919 were as follows:

Commandant Liam Langley (January 1918 – March 1920);

Adjutant C. Clarke (January 1919 – March 1920);

Quartermaster P. Byrne (June 1917 – March 1920);

Company Officers

A Company (Skippers Alley):

Captain L. Murphy (1919)

1st Lieutenant P. Evers (1919)

2nd Lieutenant J. Cashin (1919)

B Company (Blackhall Street):

Captain A. Tuke (1919)

1st Lieutenant S. Bent (1919)

2nd Lieutenant L. Power (1919)

C Company (Parnell Square):

Captain S. Caffrey (1919)

1st Lieutenant J. O’Connor (1919)

2nd Lieutenant – Unknown *however Sean Cole (who was shot dead in 1922 during the Civil War) became 2nd Lieutenant in 1920

D Company (North Frederick Street):

Captain R. Conlon (and later in 1919 R. Daly took over as acting Captain)

1st Lieutenant R. Daly

2nd Lieutenant W. Alfords and later G. O’Brien

E Company:

Captain Sean Saunders

1st Lieutenant H. Carrick

2nd Lieutenant M. Molloy

In 1920 the Fianna was re-organised in line with the Volunteer/IRA organisation and the 1st and 2nd Battalions (covering North and South Dublin) were organised into five Battalions as follows:

1st Battalion – North West Dublin

2nd Battalion – North East Dublin

3rd Battalion – South East Dublin

4th Battalion – South West Dublin

6th Battalion – South County Dublin

There was no 5th (Engineers) Battalion



Photo Credit: Evening Herald Archives

Three members of Fianna Eireann in Tuam, Galway in 1914


Credit: Evening Herald Archives

Fianna Eireann Football Team Tuam 1914


Credit: Evening Herald Archives