The Fianna at the Kilcoole Gunrunning, 1st August 1914


It should be mentioned too that the Fianna were asked to take an important part in this operation. About one hundred of the Fianna were mobilised, and were given the job of scouting the Kilcoole area. They were to watch all the crossroads within a radius of four or five miles, and to give us warning of the approach of the police in case any police did happen to be in the neighbourhood immediately before or during the operation. I remember visiting a number of the posts held by the Fianna boys during the hour or two we had to spare before the guns actually were due to arrive. I remember alas being struck by the alertness and the efficiency of these young lads and remarking to my colleagues how well these young fellows carried out their important duties.” – President Sean T O’Kelly,  5th March 1952

Image: Wicklow Daily Photo Blogspot

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