Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of Fianna Eireann

Fianna Golden Jubilee Souvenir Programme

Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of Fianna Eireann

Issued in 1959 on the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of Na Fianna Eireann.

It included an opening commemorative message from former Chief of Staff Eamon Martin; the original introduction piece by Madame Markievicz taken from the 1914 Fianna Eireann Handbook; a brief history  of the Fianna; and other articles from the 1914 handbook including those from Patrick Pearse and Roger Casement.

James Connolly’s ‘Boys and Parents’ article from the December 1914 Nodlaig na bhFiann was also included in the publication.

Inside were also details of the Golden Jubilee Ceiledhe and Pageant at the Mansion House on 16th August, 1959, exactly fifty years to the day of the first meeting of the Irish National Boy Scouts at No. 34 Camden Street in Dublin in 1909.

Several photographs adorned the pages including Joseph Robinson, Con Colbert, Joseph McKelvey, Eamon Martin, Garry Holohan, Fathers Albert and Dominic, the Fianna Trek Cart at the Howth Gun-running, and the Fianna Memorial at Capuchin Monastery at Raheny.

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