Sean Forde – Fianna Eireann and Irish Volunteer

Sean Forde

Sean Forde was born in Tuam, Galway in 1895.

He joined the Fianna in 1912 and transferred to the Irish Volunteers in 1914.

He mobilized on Easter Monday 1916 for the Magazine Fort mission.

He fought in the Church Street area for the remainder of the week. He was arrested following the surrender. He was held at Stafford Gaol and later Frongoch and was released in August 1916.

He transferred to the 2nd Battalion following the re-organisation of the Volunteers and was appointed 2nd Lieutenant of his Company. He was later promoted to 1st Lieutenant. In 1919 he was arrested and sentenced to six months imprisonment. He was one of those who famously escaped from Mountjoy Prison in March 1919. He was arrested again during a shootout in Talbot Street, Dublin in October 1920; his comrade Sean Treacy was killed in the ensuing struggle. In early 1921 he became Brigade Intelligence Officer and later Deputy Director of Intelligence at GHQ.

He reported to the Anti-Treaty HQ at Barry’s Hotel at the outbreak of the Civil War and later fought at the Hammam and Gresham hotels. He escaped from ‘The Block’ and was not arrested until October 1922. He was interned at Hare Park and was released in May 1924.

In his later years he worked as a civil servant and was private secretary to Dr. James Ryan, T.D..

He died 15th December 1971 and was buried at Balgriffin Cemetery.

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