Wolfe Tone Annual 1946


A rare copy of the 1946 Wolfe Tone Annual.

The 14th annual in the series, which was an initiative of Brian O’Higgins, Irish poet, writer and lifelong Republican (1882-1963) and ran for a number of years (1932-1962). It was started for the purpose of raising funds for Wolfe Tone commemorations.

O’Higgins was one of the founders of Sinn Féin in 1905, joined the Irish Volunteers in 1913 and fought in the GPO in 1916.

According to historian Patrick Maume, “O’Higgins used the annual to comment overtly and covertly on recent history and current affairs to an audience extending well beyond his die-hard republican milieu“.

The Wolfe Tone Annual was subject to censorship on a few occasions, including stopping publication altogether the previous year, 1945.

Scan_20200605 (2)

This 1946 edition was entitled “Laocra Na Casca – Soldiers of 1916: A New Telling of the story of Easter Week“.

It includes articles on the Rising itself (in Dublin, Galway and Wexford) and biographies of the executed leaders, including short pieces on Con Colbert and Sean Heuston.

There are articles on the others killed, including The O’Rahilly and Sean Connolly, and a brief piece on Fianna Eireann. There is also an interesting 12 page article on Liam Mellows.

Other sections of note include an account of the Howth Gunrunning and a short piece on O’Donovan Rossa.

Fianna wolfe tone annual

Fianna Eireann image featured in the 1946 Wolfe Tone Annual

Pearse from wolfe tone annual

Pearse reading the Proclamation from the 1946 Wolfe Tone Annual


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