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Easter Rising Commemoration, Arbour Hill, Dublin, April 24th 1959

Arbour Hill Eamon Martin 1959

Mr. Eamon Martin, former Chief of Staff Fianna Eireann, carrying the wreath at the annual Easter Rising commemoration at Arbour Hill in 1959. Also in the photograph are: Frank Robbins, Vincent Byrne, Nora Connolly-O’Brien, Seamus Brennan, Peter Nolan and Jimmy O’Connor.

Photo courtesy of Eamon Murphy and the Eamon Martin Collection.

Rare Fianna Eireann Wallet

Fianna Wallet Eamon Murphy

An extremely rare Fianna Eireann wallet from the Eamon Martin Collection. The detail on this is really beautiful. The reverse of the wallet features Patrick Pearse above a phoenix rising out of a depiction of the GPO in flames.

It is not known when this was made, whether it was made during the 1909-1923 period or if it was  a later commemorative piece. I would guess it was from later but can’t be sure. It was also suggested it might have been made by prisoners during the War of Independence. There were similar craft items made by prisoners at this time. It is also not known if this was a one off piece or if several of these were produced. It certainly looks unique. I would welcome comments and opinions on this one.

Image courtesy of Eamon Murphy.

Na Fianna Eireann Constitution 1912


An extemely rare original copy of the 1912 Na Fianna Eireann Constitution from the Eamon Martin collection. The original Fianna Constitution was created and drawn up in 1909 and became endorsed at the first Ard Fheis in 1910. The amended version, shown here, was ratified by the 1912 Ard Fheis, which was held at the Mansion House in Dublin.

Copyright Eamon Murphy (c)


The Glasgow Fianna


“A small group of members of Glasgow Na Fianna Éireann taken in August 1915. Seamus Reader is wearing the uniform of a Captain of the Fianna, and as commands were given by the blowing of a whistle, he is wearing a lanyard and whistle. (Seamus is standing in the back row third from the right).”

With thanks to historian Stephen Coyle.