Harry Walpole



Fianna Eireann veteran Harry Walpole.

Harry Walpole, a member of Fianna Eireann since its foundation in 1909, was one of those who attempted to rescue Peter Doyle on Three Rock Mountain in 1913. Walpole was also ‘one’ of those credited with hoisting the flag on the roof of the GPO on Easter Monday, 1916.

This photograph of Harry was taken in 1959 during the Fianna’s ‘Golden Jubilee’ celebrations.

4 responses to “Harry Walpole

  • Ed Shevlin

    Harry looks like a serious man. Eamon Bulfin is also credited with running the “Irish Republic” flag up the flagpole. Do you know of any others to which this most auspicious honor is attributed?
    I enjoy your blog very much Eamon, keep up the good work.


  • rebelbreeze

    I think there were three who claimed to have raised a flag on the GPO but were there not two flags flown there, the Tricolour and the “Irish Republic” flag?
    It is also possible that the Starry Plough was raised there temporarily before Connolly sent men to raise it over Clery’s/ The Imperial Hotel.


  • Harry Walpole

    Harry walpole was my grandfather


  • Alan Walpole

    Harry Walpole was my great uncle. I am his nephew’s son Alan, son of Vincent Walpole.


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