Constance Markievicz funeral oration delivered by Eamon de Valera.


Markievicz funeral oration delivered by Eamon de Valera.
“Madame Markievicz is gone from us. Madame, the friend of the toiler, the lover of the poor. Ease and station she put aside, and took the hard way of service with the weak and the downtrodden. Sacrifice, misunderstanding, and scorn lay on the road she adopted, but she trod it unflinchingly. She now lies at rest with her fellow-champions of the right, mourned by the people whose liberties she fought for, blessed by the loving prayers of the poor she tried so hard to befriend. The world knew her only as a soldier of Ireland, but we knew her as a colleague and comrade. We knew the friendliness, the great woman’s heart of her, the great Irish soul of her, and we know the loss we have suffered is not to be repaired. It is sadly we take our leave, but we pray high heaven that all she longed and worked for may one day be achieved.”

One response to “Constance Markievicz funeral oration delivered by Eamon de Valera.

  • socialistfight

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    As Theresa May accepts a portrait of the great woman, who was the first woman elected to the House of Common, we remember her refusal to take her seat in that place where she would never have agreed for her portrait to sit while the six north eastern countries of Ireland were held nby British imperialism.

    She explained, “I would never take an oath of allegiance to the power I meant to overthrow”. Why today, much talk about good relations with British Royalty and Tories but no talk of “the power we mean to overthrow”.


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