Fianna Eireann Handbook

002 (2)

The original Fianna Eireann handbook was published in 1914.

The above copy shown belonged to Eamon Martin, former Fianna Eireann Chief of Staff.

The handbook was issued by the Central Council of Na Fianna Eireann, No. 12 D’Olier Street.

It included articles by Patrick Pearse, Roger Casement and Douglas Hyde.

There was an introduction from Madame Markievicz, founder of na Fianna who describes:
“the army of young people who are daily taking the Declaration of Na Fianna Eireann and banding themselves together in a glorious brotherhood of youth and hope to win Independence and Freedom for their country.”

The handbook provided instructions in knot-tying, signalling, camping, first-aid, drilling, swimming and rifle exercises.

Many advertisements were also included.

Subsequent editions were published in 1924, 1964 and 1988.


Advert for the handbook in an edition of “The Irish Volunteer”

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