Easter 1916 Commemoration 1947

GPO Commemoration 1943

The Reading of the 1916 Proclamation at the Annual Easter Rising Commemoration at the G.P.O. in Dublin, 24th April 1947.

The Proclamation of Easter week, 1916, was read in Irish and English, by Sean O’Byrne, son of a deceased 1916 Volunteer.

To his left are Piaras Beaslai and Eamon Martin, two surviving members of the Original Volunteer Executive.

Beaslai and Martin, 1916 veterans, took the salute at the platform. They were both active at the time in veteran organisations including Dublin Brigade Old I.R.A, Association of Old Fianna and the 1916-21 Club which was established in 1942, of which Martin was the current vice-President .

Others on the platform were Walter Carpenter, T. Cooney, Sean O’Duffy, J. Mallon and Miss O’Hanrahan.

The commemoration that year was organised by the United Conference of Old I.R.A. Over 1,000 veterans took part and 13 different organisations were represented, including Na Fianna Eireann, Cumann na mBan, Irish Republican Army and Irish Citizen Army.

Photograph: Eamon Murphy Fianna Archives

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